Toward the Way of Life!

First of all, we welcome you in the name of the Lord!

We welcome you visiting our Seminary website. Currently, the world is opaque as it turns into chaos. As Space technology develops, it reduces the amount of human occupation in the universe, and the amount of information that humans now appears to be extremely limited. A galaxy so small in space, a solar system so small in the galaxy, and a globe so small in the solar system, a human being too small on the earth! Though human beings may be regarded as too small and may fall into nihilism at the same time, human beings are great thinkers among all the creatures.

What is most needed for everyone at this time is the way to life. Our Seminary is a Bible school built on this sense of responsibility. Tell the people who the Lord of Life is, who is the source of true blessing, and that there is no existential anxiety or fear in the hearts of all, and be blessed with the joy of heaven. This is the direction our Seminary is pursuing.

It is a great task for us to give God glory by explaining what truth is, and explaining who God is, that transcends the creation. I hope we can all join together in this great task.

2019. 01. 01.

President Kwon Ho-Duck

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