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HK Main CampusHKLTS Hong Kong Main Campus located in Shatin, N.T.

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Eastern CampusHKLTS E-Campus ‘School of Church Music’

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Southern CampusHKLTS S-Campus covers the southern part of C country & southern Silk Road countries.

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Northern CampusHKLTS N-Campus mainly covers B area of the country.

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Western CampusHKLTS W-Campus currently offers Children Ministry Programs.

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Central Asia Kazakhstan CampusHKLTS Kazakhstan Campus currently located in Almaty.

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Central Asia Uzbekistan CampusHKLTS Uzbekistan campus is newly opened in 2019 with..

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Russia CampusRussia Campus is newly to be opened in September 2021
Dumangang CampusDumangang Campus currently offers B.A and M.Div programs
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