With the system of ‘1 University + Multi-Campuses’, Hong Kong LifeRoad Theological Seminary (HKLTS) equips men and women with a strong theological foundation to fulfill God’s calling on their lives. Rooted in Scripture and branching out to fulfill the Great Commission (Acts 1:8), HKLTS’s motto is:
‘Silk Road To LifeRoad’

Established in 2016, with its main campus located in Hong Kong, started with seven different campuses throughout Mainland China & Kazakhstan. HKLTS is an affiliated body of the Hong Kong Korean Exodus Mission Church (HKKEMC) located in the City One area of Hong Kong. Dr. Kwon Ho-Duck was appointed as the 1st president of HKLTS, Dr. Yoon Hyung-Joong as chairman of the board of directors, and Pastor Moses Yun as Dean of Academic Affairs in HK main campus.

Regarding the Seminary’s motto ‘Silk Road To LifeRoad’: the historical Silk Road network has always been central to the economic, cultural, political, and religious interactions between regions. Our dream is to make Silk Road to LifeRoad for those who need the message of eternal life. Along the passages of the Silk Road, HKLTS will continue to educate, train & dispatch our future church leaders and missionaries as widely as possible.

HKLTS’ Educational Goals are as follows: 

  • Train and educate church leaders who will be serving their local communities
  • Train missionaries to send to the Silk Road area 
  • Train Bible teachers and theologians who will educate the local church leaders
  • Train Christian cultural ministry professionals
  • Train laymen church leaders 
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